About Us

WModels Greece was established in 2005 as the first Athens model agency committed to representing models and talent that are healthy, toned and talented.

We ensure that our models that we represent eat well, exercise more and learn new skills. The agency is as committed to this ethos today, as when we started, and we remain at the forefront of agencies worldwide that have fully embraced the cultural shift towards health and wellbeing. Hence, the agency is enviably positioned and continues to grow in terms of reputation and campaigns undertaken.
Our Models division is split into Men & Women, a roster of cool, urban millennials. Sports is split between different divisions depending on if you require SportModels, extreme talent and some of the biggest personalities in Sport.
Aside from our established Models & Sports divisions we are building the biggest health & fitness incubator of influencers on our Digital division, known as Fitfluencers™, to develop the next wave of wellness talent. Alongside this roster are our larger more established social Talent.
Our Acting division is a roster of actors, dancers, stuntmen, presenters, comedians, musicians and voice over artists for assignments in feature films, TV commercials, stage & theatre, pop videos and more.
As a company, we are fully committed to being the best versions of ourselves and have signed up to the following core values, using our strapline as inspiration:
Bold. We are brave enough to take risks and accept and learn from our mistakes.
Beautiful. We treat everyone with respect, kindness and warmth.
Gifted. We enjoy learning new skills to make us even more knowledgeable.
Extraordinary. We ensure that we go the extra mile in everything that we do.

Models Welfare

Lastly, our models are generally quite tough cookies and used to working long hours in adverse conditions. We also understand that some situations require a frank and honest approach. However, we do not tolerate sexism, rudeness, or harassment of any kind. We politely request that our clients support and take steps to enforce this by treating all models, male or female, with the same respect. Furthermore, please allow them to voice any situations where they may feel uncomfortable and find a solution that suits everyone.

Terms & Conditions

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